Onomatopoeia With a President

I LOVE Christmas! I know there are people who don’t, but if you are dating someone who does or you have a suspicion that your date may be a Christmas lover, there are all kinds of things going on this season that would be great to attend together.

Exhibit  A: The Kennedy Center. I realize that it’s common knowledge that there are free performances every night but have you looked at their December calendar lately? This month is packed full of seasonal specials. You could take a different date to each performance and never be bored!

Do you play a brass instrument or are you going out with someone who does? Did you know you can bring your instrument and participate one night? BUM BUM BUM BOOOM What about ringing in the season with the bell choir? RINGGG DINGGG DONGGG  If you wanted to make it an extra special night, why not make a reservation at the Roof Terrace Restaurant and enjoy an intimate dinner before or after a show?  With a free shuttle from the Foggy Bottom metro and free admission to the Millennium Stage performances, there are no excuses for not attending at least one event this Christmas season.

After the show, you could then walk to Georgetown and look at the Christmas decorations. Tip: Did you know that there is a very inexpensive Georgetown Circulator that services several nearby metro stops, including Rosslyn? Maybe when you’re done sight-seeing, you could stop for coffee or anther hot (adult?) beverage.  One recently opened, sinfully indulgent cafe I love is Serendipity 3 on the corner of M and Wisconsin.  I’m not sure that there are any menu items not worthy of trying. Their staff is also super friendly and helpful. I have always been pleased by the service and recommendations given to me.

Enjoy the season!

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