Volunteering is the New Black

I don’t know about you, but I would find it highly unusual and refreshing to be asked out and then be taken along with my date to volunteer. (After a heads-up to wear something comfortable, of course.) Isn’t that what dating is all about – getting to know who that person really is? What better way to see who someone is than when they are thrown into a situation where everything is about someone else? See how they respond and react to helping others and giving their time with no immediate return. We all like a President and leaders that do good and help others, right? Why not want the same thing in a partner? It’s great to have fun and go out and see things, but what are you and your partner doing to make a difference in your community together? (Mandatory work/school activities don’t count.)

If you stay around DC for Thanksgiving or Christmas, there are always groups that take meals to the needy. Invite your significant other to go along. There are other groups that help with yard work in the fall or spring cleaning for the elderly. Volunteer at a homeless shelter, a food drive, soup kitchen, at a walk or run for a cause, read to children, support a local children’s sports team, care for animals in need or any number of other activities.

Tip: If you decide to volunteer in Arlington, stop by the Lost Dog Cafe on Columbia Pike or Washington Blvd afterwards. Not only do they serve stellar burgers, pizza, shakes and beer but a percentage of the proceeds go to help animals in need through their organization, Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation.

Find opportunities in your area at HandsOn Greater DC Cares. Just enter your zip code and pick an organization to help!

Stay charitable!

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