A Movie? I’d Rather Throw Up

Ok, so the title may be a little dramatic but I’m also kind of serious. A movie date?! Really? HOW BORING. Don’t get me wrong, I love movies. I currently have a list as long as my arm of movies I want to see, but I DO NOT want to see any of them with a date! Are you really getting to know a person by sitting next to them, staring at a screen? (Same would apply to watching TV together. It is never a good idea to “go back to my place for TV” – that just says that you lack creativity.) A movie date is as much a date as it is when you sit next to a stranger in a crowded theatre – meaning, it’s not! Plus, you never know if your date is a shush’r, commentator, loud laugh-er, text-er, or cell phone talker and it would be kind of annoying to find those things out after having already sat down.

So, I propose something different: The Smithsonian!! Did you know that almost every Smithsonian has events and special activities for visitors?

I recently visited the Newseum and was blown away by how genuinely cool it is! I can’t wait to go back and experience some of the things I missed, maybe even go to a discussion. The 4-D time travel adventure also looks pretty super. (Side note: the Newseum isn’t actually part of the Smithsonian but I included it here because it also has many great events and exhibits.)

The Smithsonian makes it easy for visitors with an extensive list of events to choose from before picking up that special someone. It’s as easy as choosing your date, time and interest. Buy tickets to the Albert Einstein Planetarium in the Air and Space Museum. Mark your calendar for this summer and kick it, Night at the Museum style, with a summer sleepover at the Museum of Natural History! Or tap your toe along with some live jazz. Did you know that the American Art Museum, unlike the other Smithsonians, is open until 7pm every evening? There are SO. MANY. things going on right in our back yard, that I don’t understand why anyone goes to a movie on a date.

Tip: Because I love all things tech and smartphone, here is a pretty cool Smithsonian app to download before you take your journey.

Baby, it’s cold outside but instead of sitting in a movie theatre, why not explore (indoors) these great American institutes!

Happy New Year!

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