East by Southeast

My title was inspired by the brief tribute to North by Northwest at the beginning of the Cirque du Soleil show at the Oscars last night. Gotta love old movies, especially Alfred Hitchcock, amiright? DC also has its own tribute to the past, founded in 1873, in the form of a quaint Eastern Market on Capitol Hill. This … Continue reading East by Southeast

My Perfect Valentine’s Night

Ok, so this is assuming I have a boyfriend. But this is my idea of the best Valentines Day evening. First, I can't help but think of the song by Fun., Light a Roman Candle With Me. That is one of my favorite songs, ever. The entire album doesn't have one bad song, in fact. … Continue reading My Perfect Valentine’s Night

Increase Your Chances of Success

I'm confused. Maybe it is because of years of women playing 'hard to get' or just being straight up bi***es but guys don't seem to be very good about picking up the cues women drop. Maybe they are too scared to make the first move, too scared of rejection? Either way, I think the more … Continue reading Increase Your Chances of Success