Over the River and Through the Woods

While I have never been, it is on the top of my list – visit Theodore Roosevelt Island. Now that it is so warm out, I may have to explore next week with my friend who’s in town. It is literally over the Potomac River and through the woods! This little island is in the middle of the Potomac and only accessible from the northbound lane of the George Washington Parkway (driving) or from the Mount Vernon Trail (walking). From the island, you can see Northern Virginia, Georgetown and Foggy Bottom. Take a hike through the many trails with your date or just bring a picnic and some vino and enjoy the warm sun on your skin. Bikes are not allowed on the island but you can ride up to the bridge and park there before going over.

UPDATE: I did go with my friend and here is a pic of me exploring – the statue! ;)

Photo credit: Jordan Hackworth

If you then decide to go to the DC side, there are many good restaurants that are right over the bridge in Georgetown. One of my favorites is Serendipity 3 (I have already expounded on the merits of this wonderland in an earlier post.) It is worth mentioning though, that they have cotton candy drinks that have real cotton candy on top and that their hot chocolate (pictured below) is big enough to share! Perfectly sweet and romantic, if  you ask me.

Another wonderfully delicious place, that I happened to go to last night with friends, is il Canale. They make SUCH mouth-watering pizza! They will even top it with ricotta cheese, if you ask – which I always do. They have an outdoor patio upstairs, cozy indoor dining or casual seating in the front with the sun shining on. I have always been too full of great Italian food when I’ve gone that I have not had the pleasure of trying a dessert but I am sure it is just as tasty as everything else they offer. You can also go knowing that the food will be as pleasing as the service.

My next choice may create some controversy since DC is known for its discriminating tastes in the cupcake industry. But, in my opinion, no one has better cupcakes, pastries and coffees than Baked & Wired. You can’t miss it on Thomas Jefferson Street with the quaint, pink bicycle outside.

They have the pastries made fresh daily with a surprise selection as well as some old favorites. I even caught them carrying in a fresh batch one day! They’re lucky they got in the building with them – people were beginning to circle in anticipation.

Enjoy the wonderful weather this season with a stroll through Teddy Roosevelt Island, then choose one of the above places to dine or snack when you’re done.

There are no excuses for a drab date this spring!

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