With a Cherry (Blossom) On Top

Having lived in DC almost 3 years, this is my 3rd Cherry Blossom season. Understandably, most DCers stay away from the tidal basin during those tourist-packed, children-screaming, people-stopping-everywhere-for-photo-ops, incredibly long 2-ish weeks. BUT, it is honestly one of the more memorable things you may ever do. Therefore, I recommend doing it at least once.

Photo stolen from Patricia’s Facebook album. Thanks :)

This year, the peak bloom is March 20 – 23, with March 25 being the opening ceremony. Just walking around isn’t the only thing to do though. Take a  dinner cruise along the Potomac; what better backdrop than the beautiful cherry blossoms? Also, download the National Cherry Blossom Festival app for updates and directions to some pretty cool events. The Festival Parade should be something to see but the Kite Festival is what I really want to do! How incredible would it be to spend an afternoon with a date, flying a kite?! Pretty unique and thoughtful, if you ask me.

Go ahead, fight the crowds, stand in line, crane your neck and camera to get that perfect shot but remember to look up at the blossoms more than you look around at all the people invading your personal space, and I promise it will be worth it.

Pretty please – with a cherry on top! :-)

UPDATE: I went this weekend! It was pleasantly free of crowds. Here is my favorite pic I took from my visit.

2 thoughts on “With a Cherry (Blossom) On Top

  1. h0neyb says:

    The kite festival is awesome, and get your camera ready… there are some awesome giant kites! Happy 3 year anniversary of the Cherry Blossoms, it will be my 3rd since moving here too! :) Cheers!

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