Sunrise over The Mall

My friend, Ashley Smith from Toast of the Town, visited me last week. (P.S. Go follow her blog. She is hilarious and the cutest little redhead! Pictured below) After an exhausting whirlwind trip to NYC Friday and a busy day with friends Saturday, we were both spending quality time with our computers Saturday night when she came across a post about Easter sunrise service at Lincoln Memorial. This service is held every year, hosted by Capital Church. When she first suggested we go, I cringed at the 6:30AM sunrise. But, in spite of the early morning, we decided to get up at 5AM and get down there a little early, in order to get seats at the top of the stairs.

We arrived at 6AM with another friend and were able to put down our blanket at the top right of the stairs, in front of a column. It turned out to be the perfect spot since we had a 3D view of the Washington Monument and Capitol while the sunrise illuminated it. The pictures below can’t even properly capture the moments but here are a few. (I made these a little larger, in order to best showcase the breathtaking sunrise. Sorry if they take a little longer to load. Also, some more pics from Washington Post.)

I would suggest that everyone do this at least once. It is definitely an early morning, but nothing can compare to watching the sun rise over our Nation’s Capital. Of course, we went out to brunch, with lots of coffee, afterwards!

Also, another great Easter tradition that I have decided to adopt going forward, is roasting peeps for s’mores! They were ridiculously delicious! Caramelized sugar hugs the gooey center of the peep, stuffed between two graham crackers as it melts the chocolate bar and you sink your teeth in. It’s like s’mores on steroids. You’ll never be able to go back to plain old s’mores again.

Last but not least, it was a pleasure spending the weekend with Ashley! Can’t wait to have more adventures with her in Charleston in June!!


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