Geekin’ Out

I realize this may not apply to all couples or individuals but it is something that I’m excited to be a part of and I think is a great place to take a date – one that is into this sort of extracurricular geekery.

The 2nd USA Science and Engineering Festival is the largest celebration of science in the US and is held in our very own back yard at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, right by the Mt Vernon Square Metro. There will be stage shows, book signings, celebrity appearances and hands-on exhibits.

This could turn out to be the longest date in history, with awesomeness reigning, 3 days in a row! First, discover the hilarious side of science Friday night during the Night of Comedy at Georgetown University. Then, come back Saturday and meet celebs like Bill Nye, The Science Guy, The MythBusters, Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik and Storm Chaser, Josh Wurman, among others. (These are just the few that I’m excited to meet.) Saturday night is the epic Stargazing Party at the National Air and Space Museum; you don’t want to miss that! Then Sunday is a real funday discovering the Physics behind superheros, Hollywood movies and optical illusions. Download the festival map and schedule, and bring it with you, in order to not miss any of the goodness!

You can also download the official festival app for iPhone and Android. (Warning: this app was developed by Lockheed Martin and is not incredibly user-friendly or easy to navigate but it’s better than wandering around aimlessly.)

See you there, geeks!

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