Luray Caverns

Some friends and I went to Luray Caverns last weekend.

My favorite part of the caverns was Dream Lake. It seems like the photo is of stalactites and stalagmites reaching toward each other but it is really just stalactites reflected in a pool no deeper than 20 inches. To me, it looks like little cities at the bottom of a valley…or where Little Mermaid was filmed. I probably shouldn’t have told the small boy next to me what my suspicions were because he then ran back and forth and leaned over to peer into the water, looking for the little mermaid. Ah, children are so fun sometimes…

There were also some other attractions at the site but we only went to the Car and Carriage Caravan Museum, which turned out to be pretty interesting. I only took one photo while there. I did get some bottled Ginger Ale and a sample of homemade fudge which were both delightful as well.


 It ended up being a full day with a stop at an authentic Mexican restaurant in Manassas on the way back – that was worth the trip all by itself. It took me back to the days when I could just walk out my door and get Mexican food that good…

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