Doctor Who Dalliance

I'm using my best Dalek voice right now: "Doccctttor" and their more recent question: "Doctor, who?" [Warning: "Spoilers ;)" ahead] Said in my best River Song voice. Since my hair is crazy and curly, I've been thinking about cosplaying as her for Halloween, or ComicCon - if I get to go one of these years. … Continue reading Doctor Who Dalliance

iOS 6

I updated my iPhone operating system to iOS 6 last night. Opting for sleep instead of waiting up for the 2 hour back-up, download, then upload cycle, I got to see the updated OS this morning. I like it. I only have the iPhone 4 (boo), so I can't speak to the awesomeness that is … Continue reading iOS 6

Some New Websites I’ve Recently Discovered

I have recently joined a couple new sites that seemed interesting, so I decided to share. The first, Timehop, I heard about after reading this post on a friend's blog. I didn't get an email the day after I signed up because, apparently, nothing was going on in my life September 19, 2011 (even though it's Talk … Continue reading Some New Websites I’ve Recently Discovered

White Water Rafting and Zip Lining

Last weekend, I was able to cross some things off my What's Next list - white water rafting and zip lining. Although I have gone zip lining before, it was on a much smaller scale than over the weekend. I will start with the white water rafting. I went in hoping for extreme waves and … Continue reading White Water Rafting and Zip Lining