iOS 6

I updated my iPhone operating system to iOS 6 last night. Opting for sleep instead of waiting up for the 2 hour back-up, download, then upload cycle, I got to see the updated OS this morning. I like it.

I only have the iPhone 4 (boo), so I can’t speak to the awesomeness that is the updated Siri or Panorama photo feature, but I hear it’s pretty nice. I am planning on getting the 5 after all the back ordering mess dies down. I find that I am less inclined to run out and buy the next new gadget when mine is still serving my purposes well – or fairly well – my 4 does have some lag and other little things that I’ve noticed. That being said, I skipped the 4s and will get the 5 in the next couple months. It’s also nice that I have an upgrade waiting for me.

If you want a quick read about the updates that I can’t access due to my antiquated model, read BuzzFeed’s review. My local news covered it as well with comments from one of my friends, Peter.


I am in LOVE with the new email features. One thing that I have wished was a feature for a long time is the ability to turn on notification for some accounts and not others. And now, that is possible! REJOICING. Also, as the cherry on top, iOS 6 allows you to have ‘favorites’ and receive all notifications when those select people send an email.

Phone Calls 

I don’t use my phone feature much – cue knowing look, resulting in a bonding experience achieved over shared stories and anecdotes about how we never actually use our phones as phones anymore, you know the drill – so I called my phone from my work, just to see how that new feature worked. It is actually something I will use since it is inevitable that I receive calls at the busiest times. Being able to send a “Can’t talk now, will call back later” text from the call screen will be very useful. Another call screen feature that is great is the “Remind me later” that takes you to: “Remind when I leave,” and  “Remind in one hour.” You will need to turn on your location setting for reminders in order to allow the “Remind when I leave” notification.


I already, sort of, had this feature since I use Key Ring but Passbook can store boarding passes & event tickets as well. This is a very nice feature, green and all, but now the airports and venues have to catch up. I’ve tried using e-tickets in the past, to check in at an airport security check and on more than one occasion, have had to go back to the ticketing desk, in order to print out a ticket because they didn’t have the technology to scan my phone. It’s a waste of precious time. Please try to keep up with our emerging technology, airports.


DISLIKE. I was so used to the Google Maps app. It was so easy to use, even though it had its wacky-bus-route moments. This Maps app does not even offer public transit options. Where is the Google Maps app I can re-download?!

Photo Stream 

Shared stream is pretty cool. I can see where it would be useful and handy. It just makes me think, that maybe it’s Apple’s reaction to Samsung’s photo sharing feature. Those two seem to be going at it with every upgrade. I’ll always be an Apple iPhone user though.


The Pull Down notification feature was one of my favorites in the last iOS upgrade and now Apple has added a “Tweet” button as well. I, personally, have my Twitter app on my dock, so it’s always one click away but this is a nice addition.

In unrelated news, I have decided I do not like cherry tomatoes. I have tried for years to like them, simply for their convenience – no cutting required. I just can’t seem to develop a taste for the rubbery shell and squirting insides. I love their larger, corresponding varieties but those little, cherry ones? I’ve finally given up trying to like them.

2 thoughts on “iOS 6

  1. Amber Francis says:

    Thanks! I am definitely excited about getting the 5 as well but am glad I’m waiting since the back ordering is a month for most people. Too much stress to order it then have to wait that long, in anticipation.

    Enjoy yours!

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