Doctor Who Dalliance

I’m using my best Dalek voice right now: “Doccctttor” and their more recent question: “Doctor, who?”

[Warning: “Spoilers ;)” ahead] Said in my best River Song voice. Since my hair is crazy and curly, I’ve been thinking about cosplaying as her for Halloween, or ComicCon – if I get to go one of these years.

Anywho*, I absolutely love this show! One of my favorite amusements. I was given the pictured iPhone case last Christmas by a friend, featuring the newer and better Daleks. Dun-duh.

Now that Season 7 is under way, I am constantly mining for new Who news and photos. Sometimes I wish I was still catching up with old episodes so I don’t have to wait impatiently for each new one.

I’m pretty busy, so I rarely get to watch the episodes live. Though I am always keenly aware that they are airing as I am doing whatever it is that I do during that hour. That being said, I watched the two latest episodes last night, on demand. I feel like a change is coming, and I’m not sure I like it. They were both a little bit slower than the typical – run, fight, quickly talk out of a disaster and/or struggle to stay alive while waiting for a rescue – plot. These episodes were slower and more personal. The Power of Three episode explored a world where the Ponds and The Doctor were not as connected. They found themselves growing apart or simply on different paths. I know the Doctor gets a new companion this season, that was already announced, but I will miss Amy and Rory.

This show really ropes** you in – which is one reason I love it. I found myself relating to the feelings of finding yourself on a different path than your friends, and wondering when that happened. Then remembering all they meant to you and all you had been through together. It’s life, and we all have to go through it, but it deserves a pause and a smile before pressing on to other great things you know are getting ready to happen.

Speaking of exciting things getting ready to happen – “The Angels Take Manhattan” episode – SO EXCITED! I think the Angels are some of my favorite nemeses. It always makes for a very suspenseful and thrilling story when, at any moment, a silent, deadly, terrifying creature could sneak up behind you and POOF – silenced.

As stated above, I most likely can’t watch the mid-season finale live, so – no spoilers!

*Do you see what I did there? AnyWHO…so clever.
**ropes – get it? Hat tip*** to the western themed, “A Town Called Mercy” episode.
***I did it again! Hat tip – get it? Same episode as mentioned above.

Next adventure – build a TARDIS!

UPDATE 10/15: If you saw the mid-season finale and was as shocked and saddened as I was, here is a follow-up that was never shot but does help to answer some questions. What Happened To Rory’s Dad? [VIDEO]

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