Halloween Weekend and Sandy

Happy Halloween! The weekend before Halloween was spent at a friend's house in Virginia. She hosted a Halloween party, complete with a homemade photo booth. It was loads of fun. Also, so much good food. Between Halloween parties and the constant snacking during Hurricane Sandy, I may have gained more weight this week than I will … Continue reading Halloween Weekend and Sandy

Maryland Homecoming and The National Zoo

This weekend was pretty busy and sleepless but I had a lot of fun. On Saturday, I tailgated then attended the University of Maryland Homecoming game. Go Terps! They lost but it was a good game to be at. Tailgating was the most fun for me. Not only did I get picked up - literally, … Continue reading Maryland Homecoming and The National Zoo

A Visit From My Brother

Last week, my brother visited me from Chicago - sort of. He actually came because he had business at the Zimbabwe Embassy. Since he is from Zimbabwe, he had to come to DC and talk to them directly. But that was taken care of in one day, and he stayed a few more days. He got a … Continue reading A Visit From My Brother

Pedestrians, Tourist & Tolerance

Ahh, the joys of living in a city perpetually overrun by tourist. It's the price I pay for getting to live in an amazing city like DC. I immediately fell in love with these Pedestrian Penalty Cards after reading an article with the various cards displayed. Each offense is given a number of severity, conceivably with … Continue reading Pedestrians, Tourist & Tolerance

Trash Cancer

Did you know: 90% of cancer is lifestyle and environment related? This shocking statistic is the first thing you see when you visit the Trash Cancer home page. If that stat is true, then reason follows that we can make certain lifestyle changes that decrease our exposure to cancer causing materials. To this end, I … Continue reading Trash Cancer