Trash Cancer

Did you know: 90% of cancer is lifestyle and environment related?

This shocking statistic is the first thing you see when you visit the Trash Cancer home page. If that stat is true, then reason follows that we can make certain lifestyle changes that decrease our exposure to cancer causing materials.

To this end, I attended a Trash Cancer Party last Saturday, hosted by a friend, who is in remission after having breast cancer. I supported and enjoyed this party more than others, because of its unique focus. It wasn’t about raising awareness – people are already aware. It would be pointless to wear pink all October or pin on a pink ribbon if people were not aware. Those symbols are only recognizable because people are aware of what they mean. It was about taking an active role in ones future health. Their motto is: Check, Choose, Change.

I have been consciously affected by cancer since I was a teen, but really, my whole life. I have had great uncles that died before I had a chance to meet them. Then as a teen, my paternal grandparents passed away. My father’s sister has also struggled with the disease and is currently in remission after more than one relapse. More recently, one of my best friends beat cancer.

The Trash Cancer party was focused on making an active choice to reduce our exposure to cancer-causing materials, as well as educating those around us. On the home page, you are able to check popular brands and see how they rank for including materials that have been proven to cause cancer. I was shocked to learn how many products that pass themselves off as ‘all natural’ ‘healthy’ or ‘free & clear’ contain harmful chemicals. Check your favorite products with The GoodGuide. The higher the rating, the healthier it is to use. Also, check out these quick trivia facts that I bet you didn’t know about the everyday stuff that could be harmful.

So, will you trash cancer with me?

Why I Trash Cancer 

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