A Visit From My Brother

Last week, my brother visited me from Chicago – sort of. He actually came because he had business at the Zimbabwe Embassy. Since he is from Zimbabwe, he had to come to DC and talk to them directly. But that was taken care of in one day, and he stayed a few more days. He got a glimpse of Jennifer Garner while she was in town for some charity function, went to The Library of Congress and attended the Nats/Cardinals game. Overall, I think he had a great time.

He came by my work for lunch at the food trucks too. I guess the food truck scene in Chicago isn’t that happenin’, due to the inability to find parking anywhere. So, he was pretty excited about taking some trips to the various trucks while here. We then topped it off with FroYo – always a good decision.

T is a little photo happy so he wanted one at the FroYo place as well. While he was looking around for someone to take a pic, he tried getting the attention of a couple of people who were walking by but none of them seemed to notice. Finally, he found someone. I think he looked around and decided to ask the oldest lady he saw. Our first clue that she may be the wrong person to take a photo with a smart phone was her comment that she didn’t, “know how to use an iPhone.” He owns a Droid. Like, an old, first-century, hunk-of-a-phone, Droid. It took a couple tries, but we eventually got an actual photo. It was very humorous. The photo was not that good though, so I’m posting the one I look with my iPhone.

We also went to one of my favorite places in DC, Ted’s Bulletin, with one of my favorite friends – Patricia. T and Patricia got along fabulously, of course – they are both awesomeness personified! While there, I found another reason to love Ted’s – their seasonal pumpkin poptarts! There are no words. Seriously – I had two.

We enjoyed his last night in DC with a meal at a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown. I think T over estimated the wonder of DC’s Chinatown. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten Chinese food there, that’s not really why you go to DC’s Chinatown. But he wanted to go to a local Chinese restaurant, so we went. We were both pretty underwhelmed by it, but the company was still great.

I’m spending New Years Eve in Chicago with him and he has promised to take me to a really good Chinese restaurant in Chinatown. Who would have thought that there are actually Chinese restaurants in CHINAtown?!

If you have no idea what the little image above means, find out here. I really like all those unknown punctuation marks that we should totally be using.

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