Maryland Homecoming and The National Zoo

This weekend was pretty busy and sleepless but I had a lot of fun.

On Saturday, I tailgated then attended the University of Maryland Homecoming game. Go Terps! They lost but it was a good game to be at. Tailgating was the most fun for me. Not only did I get picked up – literally, it was fun to meet new people and be in the middle of a crowd of fans who were all excited about their team. That is Drew and he actually picked me up, without even struggling. I have to say that I was surprised. I felt a surge of fear then started praying that he didn’t drop me. He didn’t even break a sweat. I did my part by gripping his jacket and holding on for dear life with my knees though.

My friend Karina and I then went to the game. We got to sneak into section 8, on the bottom level! That is the closest I’ve ever been to a football game and it was pretty electrifying. You can see that I am woefully underdressed since I don’t have any Terps gear but Karina said she’d get me a t-shirt for my bday – problem solved!

Then Sunday I went to the National Zoo. I have been several times but a friend asked to go, so I obliged. The weather was perfect. I got a few cute pics of the animals and saw some that were not at the Zoo last time I went. The monkeys, pandas and otters were, by far, the cutest animals I encountered.

The first pic is of 2 little Red Pandas. There is one in the top left corner and one on the bottom right. They kinda blend in. They are so little and chubby.

Next, the Golden Lion Tamarin. It looked like a little old man having a bad hair day. Still cute though. It sat there very nicely for a photo-op and all the little kids pointing and screaming.  There were a lot of cute moments with the Otters but I was only able to capture one good pic since they moved so quickly. I wish I could have gotten them swimming since they were showing off and playing around.

I did see the elephant, giant panda, fishing cats and hedgehogs but in each case, they were either too far away or sleeping, so I couldn’t take a good photo.

I keep saying that I want to go to the Zoo during the Zoo Lights exhibit but I think I definitely will this year. Mark your calendars for November 23 if you are in the DC area.

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