Halloween Weekend and Sandy

Happy Halloween!

The weekend before Halloween was spent at a friend’s house in Virginia. She hosted a Halloween party, complete with a homemade photo booth. It was loads of fun. Also, so much good food. Between Halloween parties and the constant snacking during Hurricane Sandy, I may have gained more weight this week than I will during Christmas! I’m actually not too worried about it though; the great memories will more than make up for any extra pounds.
Hurricane Sandy was an incredible powerhouse of all the wrong weather conditions merging together to create one hideous storm. I am lucky to live in a city where the power lines are underground. My roommate and I were off work Monday and Tuesday during the worst part of the storm. I still worked from home and thankfully only had the Internet go out for a few hours. We made dinner and played games with a few of our neighbors Monday night. We live on a small block so we have the privilege of knowing our neighbors pretty well. Tuesday night was spent at the Aruban Ambassador’s house with several new and old friends, playing games and making s’mores.

I know Thanksgiving is a month away, but seeing the devastation from Sandy has made me count my blessings a little more lately. I have great friends, loved ones that check up on me, plenty of food and available resources for emergency situations – I am blessed.

See the state-by-state impact of Sandy, then if you want to donate to the relief efforts, you can give via GlobalGiving.

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