Thanksgiving Holiday

For the Thanksgiving holiday, I visited a friend in Rochester, NY. Yes, it was freezing but when you've been friends for as long as we have and you really value that person, it's a small price to pay. He has two cats and even though I'm not really an animal person, they did do some … Continue reading Thanksgiving Holiday

Birthday Brunch and James Bond

Last Sunday was one of my roommate's birthday. For brunch, I suggested she dine at Lincoln Restaurant. They have an amazing brunch! There is an all-you-can-handle Chef Station, featuring made-to-order omelette or waffle along with fruit, jellies, jams, sweet butter and syrup. It is so hard to eat one pumpkin waffle and be too full to go … Continue reading Birthday Brunch and James Bond

The Time Machine

After reading a post on Geeky Stuffs about how to embed a Kindle eBook on your blog, I decided to try it. Especially since I had already started this post when I saw the how-to - it worked out perfectly! (Update: It did not work. I tried several times and the How-To was incorrect somewhere. Click … Continue reading The Time Machine