Thanksgiving Holiday

For the Thanksgiving holiday, I visited a friend in Rochester, NY. Yes, it was freezing but when you’ve been friends for as long as we have and you really value that person, it’s a small price to pay.

He has two cats and even though I’m not really an animal person, they did do some cute things. Like the above pic – the cat took it…just kidding, my friend did but the cat happened to be curious at the perfect moment for us to get the whole family in the photo. (The other cat is lying down below me.)

I did nothing during my trip and it was purrrrfect. (Get it? Hehe) I had Nepalese food for Thanksgiving (hurray for curry) and roasted s’mores over a bonfire. I love that it wasn’t a traditional meal. As much as my mouth waters for mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes, going non-traditional is a nice change.

On Sunday, I went to a really cool, old house that was converted into a museum and movie theater – the George Eastman House. We saw an anime movie called Spirited Away. I was a little skeptical going in, since I don’t typically get into anime, but was surprised to find myself really enjoying the movie. I even want to see it again. It was a pleasant mix of metaphor, whimsy, adventure and thoughtfulness.

As an aside: my birthday is Monday – I’ll be accepting gifts all month. :)

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