My Birthday Weekend

It was my birthday on Monday! I still get excited about it.

On Saturday, I went to see the movie Lincoln with my roommate. It was a good movie, I definitely recommend it. Ever since I saw Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 50/50 then heard him on The Nerdist, I’ve really started liking him as an actor. Anyway, he is in Lincoln and does a great job.

Sunday was a beautiful day spent in Annapolis, MD with one of my best friends, Stef. This day trip was the completion of a circle for us. Last time we were in Annapolis together was Sept 14, 2010 – the day before she found out she would definitely need chemotherapy for her breast cancer. That day we didn’t focus on the pending news or any other distractions but just enjoyed the lovely company and afternoon. The pic below was taken that day and represents a lot for both of us.

me and stef feet

The following day began a year and half struggle with the life-changing disease. She is still not fully recovered as her hair is gradually growing back. This trip, we could look back on the past two years and see how far we have come and how many great things are ahead for both of us. (P.S. Good news coming!) It was a lovely mini-getaway.

That’s us again, on the same dock the above pic was taken – two years later and cancer free!

me and stef annapolis

Since Monday was my real birthday, I decided to do a dinner even though it was a work night, blah blah blah.

We went to Founding Farmers and true to my weakness for cheese, I got the mac-n-cheese for dinner. It may not have been fancy but I enjoyed every last dripping, cheese-covered noodle! Plus, it matters not what is on my plate, as long as my friends are there. We took this pic at the end so some friends are missing from it but most are still there.

bday dinner

I plan on photoshop’ing the others in and posting on Facebook to see if they notice…

I had a wonderful birthday and will eventually put all my gifts together for a pic but know that I did get much Doctor Who swag and was very happy. Ahhh, I love how my friends know me…

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