Christmas and NYE 2012

I had a really good holiday this season. I got to go home to Cali for Christmas for a week, then to Chicago (crossed off my ‘to do’ list) for 2 days to celebrate NYE with my brother.

First, my sister surprised us all by coming to Cali as well for Christmas. I believe my exact words when I first saw her were, “Holy sh**!” It was good surprise and a pleasant week. She let me borrow her hat for this pic since I’m not really a hat person.

Me and Autumn

Me and Autumn

Then for Christmas day, we went to my Aunt’s house where we did a non-traditional Christmas feast – homemade pizza! The excellent idea was suggested by my Nana and turned out very well, in spite of the oddly shaped dough it was built on. We ended up making 3 pizzas.

xmas day

We then went to Downtown Disney to see the Christmas lights and hear the carolers. I love Christmas so much! I also got a third pierce in my ear, played with my Aunt’s super cute puppies and took some photos to commemorate good times.

xmas photos

I flew to Chicago on the 30th and stayed till January 1st. It was a really quick trip but I had a blast.  My brother graciously informed me that Chicago was having a mild winter, so I planned accordingly. And by accordingly, I mean – I only brought a jacket and short boots. I will never listen to him again for feedback about the weather. It was FREEZING. He definitely does not have a future in meteorology.

All that aside, I managed to survive by walking very briskly when I absolutely had to be outside. During NYE day, we got to go to the top of the Sears Tower, now called Willis Tower.

sears tower

From top left to right: East, South, North & West

I even got to stand a few feet out over the city in the Sky Box. I didn’t look down.

sky box

For lunch, we ate at a traditional Chicago deep dish pizza place, then drove past the Trump Tower. Our NYE party was a private dinner with some of my brother’s friends. There he is, looking all dapper in a bow tie…’cause, bow ties are cool.

chicago nye

And just for fun, here’s a gif my friend and I made using my iPhone. It was our first, so it’s a little weird but so are we, so it’s pretty accurate.


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