Inauguration Speech 2013

As I posted about earlier, I got to go to the Inauguration speech on Monday at the Capitol. It was a lot of fun. Even though it was freezing, I am glad I went.

We got pretty good tickets and even though we couldn’t see the whites of the President’s eyes, we were still comfortably situated.

capitol at inauguration

This was one of those days that I felt really lucky to live in a city like DC. It is a hard feeling to describe to people who have never been here. All the history, wonder, beauty and electricity is best described with a single sigh of satisfaction. Every time someone asks me how I like living in DC, I smile. How can I NOT love it?! I don’t understand people who say “meh” about living here.

Several of my friends had tickets to the speech as well, but we were all spread out. I went with two other green ticket holders, then we all met up after the speech for some great food at Matchbox on 14th.

us at inauguration

I had a badge for the W Inaugural Brunch but wasn’t able to make it there or to the parade. I caught that on TV as well as all the other festivities. Very nice, DC, very nice.

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