Music I’m Loving Lately

Through a series of encounters and accidental over-hears, I have discovered a couple new bands that I can’t get enough of. I have no idea if these are new or old/popular or obscure but I like them so I thought I’d share.

Barenaked Ladies – I have been watching Big Bang Theory since its inception and I knew Barenaked Ladies wrote and sing their theme but I never listed to any of their other tracks until now.

MIKA – There are few bands where I like more than a couple of the songs but when I started listening to MIKA, I found I really loved the majority of his music. Especially Lollipop. Such a great message and beat.


Blink 182 – Such a great band. I have found that I like the majority of their songs as well. Imagine how happy I am to have more than a couple of hours of songs on my Spotify Favorites playlist!

Mumford and Sons – I know this band has gotten much more popular lately because I hear them everywhere. But for now, I still like them.

Straight No Chaser –  Anyone who can do a cappella well, is good in my book. So much respect.

As always, Fun. has my everlasting love and devotion. Not one song I don’t like love.

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