New Orleans and Jazz Fest

I was in Nawlins for the first weekend of Jazz Fest as well as the week before, for a work thing.

mask in new orleans

I really wanted to buy one of the plethora of masks I saw everywhere but I had no room in my suitcase.

I did the obligatory walk down Bourbon Street but left feeling a little meh. It’s crowded, loud and bright. Meh. Also, it’s the first city I’ve been to that allows you to drink in the streets. I was surprised every time I saw it the whole week.

I did love all the local spots. I had a fantastic vegetarian cannelloni at Adolfo’s on Frenchmen street, a great brunch at Jimmy J’s Cafe, and wonderful beignets (pictured below) at Cafe du Monde. Those were the highlights for me.

cafe du monde beingnets

Jazz Fest was an adventure as well. Some things I wish I knew before I went: 1) there is no leaving, stamping the back of your hand and returning later 2) bring a chair 3) bring a hat 4) shirts are optional 5) there is no such thing as eccentric (see below). I am now prepared if I go again. I did get to hear some pretty sweet bands, jazz and Billy Joel.

jazz fest lady

And no party is complete without my buddy Ashley. The hat is her’s, she let me wear it for a while after noticing the top of my head burning a little. She also used to live in New Orleans so she was a great resource for places to go.

me n ash

New Orleans – where people literally dance, sing and play in the streets. Such a great experience.

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