Time Flies When You’re Having Fun – Awesome Con 2014

It’s been one busy year so far! But in all the right ways.

Usually my friend, Ashley, comes for Easter weekend but this year she wasn’t able to. Even though I missed her, I still had a massively fun Easter weekend, unlike any other! I attended my first Comic Book Convention at the DC Convention Center – Awesome Con.

There were a lot of really cool special guests and geek celebs but being a Doctor Who fan, the guests I fangirl’d over were characters that appeared in the series.


My favorite part, by far, was being able to cosplay and seeing everyone else’s really incredible costumes.

Day 1 – Exploring Awesome Con: 


Day 2 – River Song Cosplay: 

Day 3 – Onesies:

I will definitely be going back next year and hopefully one day, Comic Con San Diego!

Next weekend I get to volunteer at the Science Festival! April is such a cool month ;)

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