Greece, Stop 4

I arrived in Athens for a few days before continuing my travels. And while it was valuable to get to know my new home and find my way around, there isn’t much to talk about. I will have a month in Athens when I get back from visiting the islands and that is when I plan to do all the touristy stuff.


Mykonos Island was my first stop and it was beautiful. It was also quite windy. Because of this and the short time I was actually physically well while on the island, I did not get a chance to swim in the sea or leave the town.

I did explore the town for the couple days I had before developing a kidney stone. All I can say to that is how thankful I am for my two Canadian neighbors and my Greek host family.

To Rhea and Seamus – I will never forget your assistance in hearing my moans of agony and shouldering me to the car and then staying with me in the hospital. You two were kindness personified. Both geologists. Travelers. Kindred spirits.

And to my host family of Studio Eleni – you all were amazing and kind. They looked after me like I was their own daughter or sister.

Arrived in Mykonos and it is such a lovely little island. #greece #mykonos

A photo posted by Amber Francis (@defineamber) on Oct 17, 2016 at 7:13am PDT


Corfu was another great destination. I originally booked a hostel on the west coast of the island, not realizing that it would be empty and everything closed since it was early November. I stayed one night and then moved to Corfu Town on the east coast where things were more lively. I can imagine that the village of Agios is actually quite nice during high season with its beautiful views and pristine beaches.

Corfu Town is full of history and music, flanked by two fortresses. I had the immense pleasure of sitting in on the Philharmonic Society of Corfu’s rehearsal one evening. The rest of my time consisted of hiking the city and making new friends.

The famous Saint Spyridon Church #corfu #greece #travel #solotravel

A photo posted by Amber Francis (@defineamber) on Nov 4, 2016 at 5:29am PDT


Santorini was fun and the hostel where I stayed provided a great place to make new friends that I was able to explore the island with.

I did a lot of walking and finally got to swim in Greece after being in the country for three weeks.

Myself and some new friends drove around the island to Red Beach, White Beach, Black Beach and Oia where the sunset views are famous.

Sunset over Santorini. #santorini #greece #travel #solotravel #sunset

A photo posted by Amber Francis (@defineamber) on Nov 6, 2016 at 9:24am PST


The next day I went with other friends on a boat tour to the volcano and hot springs. It was my first for both and although the US election results had just come in and it was a tough morning, I was still able to appreciate the privilege and beauty of my surroundings and company.


Back to Athens for about a month but who knows – maybe I’ll take a long weekend somewhere close between now and the end of December…

Next-ish stop – Jordan.

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