An International Birthday to Remember

I didn't know how I would feel celebrating my bday away from friends this year but it ended up being really great and a ton of fun. A friend that I met at the beginning of my trip in South Africa come to Greece for one week in order to celebrate with me and tour Athens. … Continue reading An International Birthday to Remember

A Note to My Kidney Stone

Such pain Such torture I thought you were my appendix Or maybe the colon But no You were a tiny stone Causing mass havoc I will never forget those kind souls Who wrapped their arms around me when I could not walk And fed and checked in on me when I could not move Two … Continue reading A Note to My Kidney Stone

My Next Adventure – Sabbatical

It's not technically a sabbatical since I resigned from my job but that's what I'm calling it anyway. Let me explain my path to this decision... Over a year ago, I realized that my current career path was not leading where I wanted it to go. I had learned all I could from my current … Continue reading My Next Adventure – Sabbatical

#Movember Sista 2014

I am participating in the Movember movement this year, a little early. Please visit my page and make a donation! Even $5 will help researchers in the fields of men's health. Visit me at to donate.   From the official Movember site: A detailed history of the early years is contained in this Hairy … Continue reading #Movember Sista 2014

Books I’m Reading and Indulgent Podcasts

I am a commuter. On the DC Metro. 40 minutes one way. That being said, I don't mind it as much if I'm passing time with a book or (most likely) making faces while listening to interesting facts, stories and insights through my earbuds. Podcasts: I've recently gotten into Studio 360 and can't get enough of it. … Continue reading Books I’m Reading and Indulgent Podcasts

Easter and Cherry Blossom Sundays

These past two weeks have been crazy busy. Not only was my favorite Southerner in town, but it was Easter then Cherry Blossom Sundays. We, of course, took full advantage of the gorgeous weather by sending as much time outside as possible. I went to the Easter Sunrise Service last year and said that once … Continue reading Easter and Cherry Blossom Sundays