how to live zero waste lifestyle

Zero Waste, Sustainable Living (How-to)

Interesting in easy ways to live more sustainably and cut back on your waste? Here are tips, products and practices you can try.

travel sustainably

Zero Waste, Sustainable Travel (How-to)

Interested in a zero waste, sustainable travel lifestyle? Here are some ways to get that started...

An International Birthday to Remember

I didn't know how I would feel celebrating my bday away from friends this year but it ended up being really great and a ton of fun. A friend that I met at the beginning of my trip in South Africa come to Greece for one week in order to celebrate with me and tour Athens. … Continue reading An International Birthday to Remember

A Note to My Kidney Stone

Such pain Such torture I thought you were my appendix Or maybe the colon But no You were a tiny stone Causing mass havoc I will never forget those kind souls Who wrapped their arms around me when I could not walk And fed and checked in on me when I could not move Two … Continue reading A Note to My Kidney Stone

My Next Adventure – Sabbatical

It's not technically a sabbatical since I resigned from my job but that's what I'm calling it anyway. Let me explain my path to this decision... Over a year ago, I realized that my current career path was not leading where I wanted it to go. I had learned all I could from my current … Continue reading My Next Adventure – Sabbatical

#Movember Sista 2014

I am participating in the Movember movement this year, a little early. Please visit my page and make a donation! Even $5 will help researchers in the fields of men's health. Visit me at to donate.   From the official Movember site: A detailed history of the early years is contained in this Hairy … Continue reading #Movember Sista 2014