Christmas and NYE 2012

I had a really good holiday this season. I got to go home to Cali for Christmas for a week, then to Chicago (crossed off my 'to do' list) for 2 days to celebrate NYE with my brother. First, my sister surprised us all by coming to Cali as well for Christmas. I believe my … Continue reading Christmas and NYE 2012

White House Tour and ZooLights

This weekend was very busy for me but so good! I was able to tour the White House on Saturday. The tour was self-guided through the East Wing, the China Room, East Room, Blue Room, Red Room and State Dining Room. I love Christmas so much and was really happy to get to go during … Continue reading White House Tour and ZooLights

A Christmas Weekend You Can Work With

Taking a date on the typical "restaurant date" is never my first choice - mostly because it is so usual and usually, forgettable. Although, there is something about being around other people and eating good food that helps if you can't spend the holiday weekend with friends and family. Take a date to brunch with … Continue reading A Christmas Weekend You Can Work With

Volunteering is the New Black

I don't know about you, but I would find it highly unusual and refreshing to be asked out and then be taken along with my date to volunteer. (After a heads-up to wear something comfortable, of course.) Isn't that what dating is all about - getting to know who that person really is? What better … Continue reading Volunteering is the New Black

More December Date Night Ideas

Along with my post yesterday, I came across another article this morning from DCEventJunkie that includes great date night ideas for this December in the District and Northern Virginia. Take a shiny new pair of mittens or a scarf instead of flowers and surprise your date with a night out around town. While the gay … Continue reading More December Date Night Ideas

Onomatopoeia With a President

I LOVE Christmas! I know there are people who don't, but if you are dating someone who does or you have a suspicion that your date may be a Christmas lover, there are all kinds of things going on this season that would be great to attend together. Exhibit  A: The Kennedy Center. I realize … Continue reading Onomatopoeia With a President