Flight Lessons Take Off

Excuse the terrible pun, but....I'M DOING IT!! I started taking lessons to acquire my private pilot's license at the end of summer 2014. As of now, since I'm only able to do this part-time, I am not quite half-way there but I hope to finish before the end of 2015! Also, did you know - you … Continue reading Flight Lessons Take Off

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun – Awesome Con 2014

It's been one busy year so far! But in all the right ways. Usually my friend, Ashley, comes for Easter weekend but this year she wasn't able to. Even though I missed her, I still had a massively fun Easter weekend, unlike any other! I attended my first Comic Book Convention at the DC Convention Center … Continue reading Time Flies When You’re Having Fun – Awesome Con 2014

Books I’m Reading and Indulgent Podcasts

I am a commuter. On the DC Metro. 40 minutes one way. That being said, I don't mind it as much if I'm passing time with a book or (most likely) making faces while listening to interesting facts, stories and insights through my earbuds. Podcasts: I've recently gotten into Studio 360 and can't get enough of it. … Continue reading Books I’m Reading and Indulgent Podcasts

Passport DC 2013

I say this so much, but DC really is such a great city to live in. Like, they let people walk through the embassies once a year during Passport DC. This year, I was able to go to the Africa, Asia, Oceania, the Middle East, and the Americas weekend. The European embassies were the week after, … Continue reading Passport DC 2013

Easter and Cherry Blossom Sundays

These past two weeks have been crazy busy. Not only was my favorite Southerner in town, but it was Easter then Cherry Blossom Sundays. We, of course, took full advantage of the gorgeous weather by sending as much time outside as possible. I went to the Easter Sunrise Service last year and said that once … Continue reading Easter and Cherry Blossom Sundays

Tourist for a Week

I started a new job a couple of weeks ago but before I did, I had a few days off in between. So, I decided to explore this great city I live in! I made a little slide show/map of my trip with a new web app, Tripographer. And I get to embed it in my … Continue reading Tourist for a Week