Time Flies When You’re Having Fun – Awesome Con 2014

It's been one busy year so far! But in all the right ways. Usually my friend, Ashley, comes for Easter weekend but this year she wasn't able to. Even though I missed her, I still had a massively fun Easter weekend, unlike any other! I attended my first Comic Book Convention at the DC Convention Center … Continue reading Time Flies When You’re Having Fun – Awesome Con 2014

Books I’m Reading and Indulgent Podcasts

I am a commuter. On the DC Metro. 40 minutes one way. That being said, I don't mind it as much if I'm passing time with a book or (most likely) making faces while listening to interesting facts, stories and insights through my earbuds. Podcasts: I've recently gotten into Studio 360 and can't get enough of it. … Continue reading Books I’m Reading and Indulgent Podcasts

My Birthday Weekend

It was my birthday on Monday! I still get excited about it. On Saturday, I went to see the movie Lincoln with my roommate. It was a good movie, I definitely recommend it. Ever since I saw Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 50/50 then heard him on The Nerdist, I've really started liking him as an actor. Anyway, … Continue reading My Birthday Weekend

The Time Machine

After reading a post on Geeky Stuffs about how to embed a Kindle eBook on your blog, I decided to try it. Especially since I had already started this post when I saw the how-to - it worked out perfectly! (Update: It did not work. I tried several times and the How-To was incorrect somewhere. Click … Continue reading The Time Machine

Doctor Who Dalliance

I'm using my best Dalek voice right now: "Doccctttor" and their more recent question: "Doctor, who?" [Warning: "Spoilers ;)" ahead] Said in my best River Song voice. Since my hair is crazy and curly, I've been thinking about cosplaying as her for Halloween, or ComicCon - if I get to go one of these years. … Continue reading Doctor Who Dalliance