Halloween Weekend and Sandy

Happy Halloween! The weekend before Halloween was spent at a friend's house in Virginia. She hosted a Halloween party, complete with a homemade photo booth. It was loads of fun. Also, so much good food. Between Halloween parties and the constant snacking during Hurricane Sandy, I may have gained more weight this week than I will … Continue reading Halloween Weekend and Sandy

White Water Rafting and Zip Lining

Last weekend, I was able to cross some things off my What's Next list - white water rafting and zip lining. Although I have gone zip lining before, it was on a much smaller scale than over the weekend. I will start with the white water rafting. I went in hoping for extreme waves and … Continue reading White Water Rafting and Zip Lining

Luray Caverns

Some friends and I went to Luray Caverns last weekend. My favorite part of the caverns was Dream Lake. It seems like the photo is of stalactites and stalagmites reaching toward each other but it is really just stalactites reflected in a pool no deeper than 20 inches. To me, it looks like little cities … Continue reading Luray Caverns

PSA: FREE Ice Cream and FroYo!

Who isn't totally psyched that summer is nigh?! It appears that the ice cream shops are getting you in the mood for sweet summer treats with a few places offering free cone days this week. TODAY: Haagen-Dazs, free cone day from 4 - 8pm at select locations. We are in luck here though, 'cause there … Continue reading PSA: FREE Ice Cream and FroYo!

A Christmas Weekend You Can Work With

Taking a date on the typical "restaurant date" is never my first choice - mostly because it is so usual and usually, forgettable. Although, there is something about being around other people and eating good food that helps if you can't spend the holiday weekend with friends and family. Take a date to brunch with … Continue reading A Christmas Weekend You Can Work With

Volunteering is the New Black

I don't know about you, but I would find it highly unusual and refreshing to be asked out and then be taken along with my date to volunteer. (After a heads-up to wear something comfortable, of course.) Isn't that what dating is all about - getting to know who that person really is? What better … Continue reading Volunteering is the New Black