Amber’s knowledge of emerging technologies and social media marketing is impressive.

I am a full-time instructor in the American Studies Department at American University in Washington, DC. I first met Amber in 2009 at an event for early adapters of Twitter in the DC area. We began to interact regularly as members of the DC social media and technology communities. Amber demonstrated her motivation and intelligence when she transitioned easily to a career in social media consulting. Within a year, she was handling larger digital media marketing campaigns.

Once I began teaching at American University in 2011, I asked her to guest lecture in my Activism and Social Media class. Over the past five years, she has spoken to my students once each semester. The majority of my classes are at the 300-level with an occasional 200-level class. The average class size is 25 students, and the majority of students are juniors and seniors. The students and I have always been appreciative of Amber’s expertise in the field and her tips for developing a campaign, keeping apprised of the latest digital technology news, and the importance of Search Engine Optimization. Several times each semester, I have received a paper or marketing plan, quoting Amber as an expert in the field.

In addition to the strengths enumerated above, Amber’s intellectual curiosity and desire to challenge herself are noteworthy. From French lessons to flying lessons to traveling to Russia with a non-profit seeking to eradicate human trafficking, she consistently seeks opportunities to better herself and others. Amber has taken advantage of much that DC has to offer. I don’t doubt that she will continue to do the same in the future with her employer and in her community.

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Professor Stef Woods, American University